Friday, June 18, 2021


Too sad to blog today, in the open space that is left by the loss of the mighty bay endurance horse Major. California is so far away, and so close to my heart right now. 

I feel like I knew him, he was so much like Baasha, my heart horse Just the color was different. 

Those trails were pounded down with his hurry, his desire to see over the next rise. He wasn't easy. But his joyful personality made people 8 thousand km away love him.

Everyone give pause and appreciate what you have tonight, if you are blessed to have a horse near you. 

Arabian proverb, "If your neighbor has a horse and you do not, build a window in the wall between you, to receive the blessings that come through."

Major's owner made a window reaching out in all directions.



irish horse said...

Thank you. My heart broke a little bit more reading this, but knowing others loved him is lovely. His mighty heart reached across oceans.

HHmplace said...

We all feel his loss~