Wednesday, June 16, 2021

So hot

We're having a heatwave with humidity++ and it's just torture to do anything outside. Today J thought I had died from the heat and actually searched our 5 acres for my body! That hasn't happened before. 

Right now it's 21C (69.8F) in our house and 32C (89.6F) outside. That is a very very good AC unit: ) The humidity is what gets you though. At 10 AM I tried to mow and the sweat was running into my eyes in streams, I couldn't see. I took a break and continued later, trying to get as much done outside as possible cuz they say tomorrow will be even hotter and more humid. 

My animals are hiding in the stall and staying in the shade for the most part. I caught Mag lying down in the stall today, which is shocking because he doesn't normally lay down. Please God let him learn to lay down to rest! 

He's got windpuffs on his hind fetlocks, I didn't know horses could give themselves windpuffs, I thought they were only from hard work. 

It is so ugly in Germany in Winter, with bald trees and bushes, but as lush as it is right now, I miss Winter desperately. 

However, every single field around us has been mown and made into hay, haylage, or silage. It's a great feeling to watch it happening, knowing no animal will go hungry. There couldn't possibly be a hay shortage with such a bounty. If our field doesn't yield much, I don't have to worry. 

One month and counting til J's sabbatical year, where we plan to go to America and visit anyone of you who will have us over. He intends to see every state, eventually. Our priority now is my family, especially because both my dad and step dad are ill.

We still need a housesitter but travel to Germany is still restricted due to Covid. It is impossible for us to plan our trip, we can only hope that the rules change soon. A good friend of mine, the lady who leased me Princess Buttercup for 7 years, has offered. The question is, is she allowed to enter the country for non-urgent reasons.

Praying it will work out, that I can see my family  members before it's too late.

Cornflowers make me happy.

My poppies fell down in a heavy rain.

The animals in "the garden". This is where Mag gets traffic training, the road is right there.

A carriage went by the other day with matched chrome chestnuts pulling it. Mag was fascinated, backed off scared, but as soon as they were level with his position on the street/his pasture, he challenged them to a duel, arching his neck, prancing toward them, nickering. The driver had to steady his ponies due to Mag's coward-chasing them. I'm glad he's getting the training cuz around here you will always encounter horse drawn carriages in the woods and on the streets. I hope that someday he can let them go by without the antics.

Our elderberry trees/bushes have never looked so good. Normally I hate these things but we were able to remove the worst of them and now only have well-behaved ones. They smell so sweet! Our good neighbor came over and said I should have myself photographed in front of one. Cute.

She also told me people eat the flowers. You dip them in some batter and fry them? I have never seen it happen, I just know that Germans do this.

Our rosebushes on the south side of our house are taking over the house, starting with the roof and windows. I love the way the light makes our living room wall green from plant reflection. Same happens each morning in our bedroom.

Sweet smelling Nelken (cloves?)

Our greenhouse without the plum tree. So naked *sigh* But, I suppose light is good.

Like I said, the roses want to invade the interior of our home, not just the exterior. Their tendrils are tight into our roof!

I said, that's enough you pest. I took the top half down yesterday. They will just come back but I'll try.

The slugs' and snails' favorite meal. I do my best with poison pellets (shown on the left of the photo). 

It's so hot out right now I would say it's like walking into an oven, but that would bring Arizona to mind and this is not a dry heat *lol*


AareneX said...

Yay for garden! Your flowers are beautiful. Sorry about the humidity, though.

Let me know when you get here and want to ride. Will you leave Mag for a whole year?

lytha said...

J is not allowed to visit America more than 3 months, despite being married to a US citizen.

We are so far unable to find any housesitter who would make it possible for us to have short stays in America next year. We only have the one. We are desperate but require someone with horse experience.

We're offering our house, our car, for the care of our two animals, for free. No one I know in Germany is willing to do this because if they have horse knowledge, they have their own, so they don't see the need to stay here. We hope to see America next year, but need farmsitters.

lytha said...

sorry, more than 3 consecutive months.

OffshoreKnitting said...

Hi! Maybe this can help you out. I've travelled and stayed in Germany (and other EU countries) throughout Covid simply with a employment contract. Something worth investigating? If need be pop me an email ! I enjoy your blog immensly and would love to help fullfil J's dream to visit all states. Also possibly helpfull : check out

lytha said...

offshore, If I could pose as an employer and get away with it, I would: ) I know that employment gives an exception to the travel ban, but I suppose a business license would be required. I contacted for that information, thanks for the tip.

EvenSong said...

One of my best friends in the world calls bachelor buttons/cornflowers “heart lozenges.” Also, google the song “Cornflower Blue,” by Kate Wolf. 😁

HHmplace said...