Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Preview of Tunisia

This is my favorite picture of our experience of Tunisia  in July 2022. (More to come.) I fancy myself working for an educational magazine and using this on our cover page.

I found it a good exmple of the Maghreb people. 

I think it's a shame when people are looking down, especially groups of people looking down in synchrony for long periods of time. (Not at actual ground, obviously.)

There is something else about this photo that didn't occur to me until I sent it to a friend and she raised an eyebrow at me.

Do you see it?


Deb said...

Sorry if a duplicate:

Mr. Holey Pants on the right.


JenK said...

That there are only guys sitting down staring at their phones??

lytha said...

Deb, Mr Holey Pants - omg...ugh! I didn't even see that. But you reminded me of this teenager at the airport, wearing the least possible legal limit on clothing in society.
She had a half tank top on, and her short shorts were ripped into very precise shreds/holes exposing exactly her underpants in the crotchal area.

I was surprised cuz why not just wear panties to the airport. Those shorts were purposefully evacuated in nether region gaps. My quesiton is to what country did she intend to visit in such openings in her clothing? This was Frankfurt, Germany.