Monday, July 4, 2022

The confluence and the world's largest chesspiece

I was excited to see the longest river in America, the Missouri. I didn't expect it to be as brown as the Mississippi. We visited the end point of the river that started in Montana, which is the confluence, where it joins the Mississippi near St Louis, Missouri. 

Slaves would swim across to Illinois and the hope of freedom. 

There was a pole marking the different river flood levels over the years. In 1993 the river was 38 feet higher than normal.

"Too thick to dirnk and too thin to plow" - Missouri farmers. It is so dirty! If you use this river for irrigation, you must have some clogged pipes.

My cousin's Hawaii 5-0 car, which now has my hand prints from holding on for dear life.I guess if you own a muscle car, you cannot drive like a normal person. (BTW we're watching the new Hawaii 5-0 now simply cuz J finally got to see Hawaii and it's filmed right where we stayed.)

The gorgeous almost-but-not-quite touching houses of St. Louis. You can lean out and wash your neighbor's windows. 

The world's largets chess piece, with its chess club. 

That's it for our St. Louis visit. It was wonderful to meet a part of J's family he'd never met, and see my cousin again. 

We drove off to see Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas. (3 of those were new to me.)

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