Tuesday, April 26, 2022


We arrived home and it doesn't feel like home, it's surreal in a deep jet lagged dream. Such as the white horse and donkey - flowers everywhere, quiet and weird. 

GOT TO SLEEP soon. It is 9 AM for me Seattle time, with a flight starting at 2 PM with no sleep over night, and it's 6 PM German time, which is irrelvant to me except for the annoying position of the sun. 

I hope that tomorrow this place will feel like home and not a dream.


AareneX said...

Do you have one more trip to the US before J's sabbatical year is done?

lytha said...

Ha, Aaerne, you sound like my mom: ) Um, his answer to my mom today was "Maybe" and my answer was "I wanna see Israel, Morrocco, Poland, and Austria."

But somehow, incomprehensibly, it's on the table. (lol)

I'm so tired right now I wish to die.

Deb said...

Glad you traveled safely, rest up! Remember, you are extra tired because you were traveling back in time as well, which is very disorienting mentally. We spent a week back in the PNW a couple of years ago, and after a couple of hours in Bellevue and Issaquah, I had to have a lie down. Nothing matched my memory, even remotely! So glad you got to spend good time out there, Missoula is also a favorite of mine.


TeresaA said...

Welcome home. Get some sleep. :)

Shirley said...

Glad you made it safely home.

JenK said...

That jet lag from West Coast to Germany is REAL. Took me days each time to get back into the swing. Glad you are home!! I bet Mag and Bellis are super happy to see you two. Austria was beautiful! A fun thing we would do is stay in a gasthof in Prien near Lake Chimsee ( And visit that boozying making nunnery on the lake island ) then drive into Salzburg for the day. Hope you have a quick recovery!!

lytha said...

JenK, My animals were not so happy to see me, they're like cats. : )
But I am planning my very first trip to Austria next month! Salzburg bestimmt, it's the closest to the border. My husband told me today we are certainly driving, and not taking the train, cuz he wants to be able to go geocaching on every whim. OK then!