Saturday, October 22, 2022


Aarene asked how Mag is doing so I went out with my camera to catch a picture of his fluffiness. 

I sent her a few pictures:

I said, "Don't touch me, you're gross."

10 minutes later I went out and had to send her more pictures:


 They had both rolled in the same place, but you don't notice much with the donkey.

In this photo you can see my Wasserkocher - I thought I'd at least work on the tail, and I'm nice so I only use warm water to do that.


AareneX said...

It's been so long since we've had rain (103 days, but who's counting?) that most of our boggy spots were dry hardpan. When it finally rained, I could see the Dragon doing the math to figure out when there would be sufficient mud for rolling.

I'm NOT gonna show her your photos!

JenK said...

Mag showing a grey horses' most prominent talent! :)

What happened with the sheep? Did he become a fire breathing dragon with snorts and exhibit his new found ability to float above the ground as he rapidly dashed around the field??

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

It finally rained today at our farm after a few weeks of no rain. We've had an odd weather year here in Tennessee. My donkey loves a dust bath almost more than a mud bath!!

HHmplace said...

My laugh for the day :-) He looks so stinkin' proud of himself too!

lytha said...

JenK, He was exactly that dragon! Floating and dashing! It was wonderful to see. He did a slightly lesser version the next day when a coach went by pulled by two gleaming ponies. They pulled a coach with 5 people - all smoking cigarettes. That's Europe for you.

Melissa, a dust bath is preferrable to a mud bath as you know.

Connie, I will go to my grave wondering why they do it.