Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Our return home, Jan 2022

I have so much to share with you, about our amazing experiences in America, and what it's like to return home to Germany.

For now I want you to see the horse, cuz that is what this blog is about.

He's a filthy slob that was "gifted" with 3 months of unceasing rain. Like Baasha, his favorite thing is to roll in mud, which was, is, now, everywhere. 


On arrival I was greeted by an overly fat donkey (nothing new) and a filthy brownish greenish black mud horse. 

Grooming the animals was never part of the agreement to stay here for our house/petsitter.

Michi came over FOUR times to spoil my animals with grooming (HOW? in the filth) and food snacks. 

I'm grateful to her.

She explained how she shouted out of the window of her car on her arrival and they came galloping to her in full glory. 

Four times in the span of time we were missing.

Today on the phone she asked me, "Were they happy to see you again?" 

"I did not get the reception you get when you come here. I'm the mama, you're the best friend who arrives with a sack of candy."

She said she brushed and brushed them, and tried to untangle Mag's mane, but Mag is annoyed by that. I know, when I came home I had to detangle his mane (just like Baasha's) and he would tell me, "This sucks, I'd rather be standing over there doing nothing, rather than having you twist my mane around."

What a brat.

But he stands freely for me to do it, cuz I'm his mom, I guess.

I have so much to share about our latest trip to America - 2 months working full time cleaning out my dad's property in Shelton, WA....but it's a lot, so I'll start with our arrival home.

Full of AGONY what is rarely known - a mix of jet lag (not normal, but exceptional, lasting 5 days) and getting a Corona booster, which put me on the couch for three days, a high fever and headache, unable to do anything. J had to manage the horse chores here, including the farrier visit. I was helpless, and if I can help anyone, an ice pack on the forehead helps.


And now I want to go back to America, after that 37,5 hour doomed flight. I just want to go back while I still can, this year for more than 2 weeks, cuz J has sabbatical. And he's willing. 

And I want to see something new.

J needs  to see the deep south. I need to stay at my dad's house, if it's not sold by then, and not be working every day clearing it out. I want to stay there and simply enjoy. 

That's where we are, I hope and pray it works out. If not, I've never been to Austria. 

Mt Rainier, following us from Shelton, WA, to the SeaTac airport, the entire way, glowering over us on I-5. OK, OK....we'll be back.

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AareneX said...

The days are getting longer, when are you coming back?