Thursday, October 14, 2021

Mag being adorable

Hi, sorry to have not blogged in so long. We took a local vacation to the city of Hamburg, but that's no excuse.

I haven't much to say except we have J's sabbatical year planned out - we'll be in America from Nov-Jan, and from Feb-Apr. That's it - we hope to see more of America but we still need to care for my elderly parents. 

I got a cute video showing my "baby horse" Mag (as J calls him) trying to destroy my most-used tool.

You can also hear the donkey doing her typical mouth smacking noises, ugh. 

It's lovely that it's no longer bloody hot and humid out. I wore gloves for the first time today, but I still wear shorts and tshirts. 

I promise I will see all of my friends in America in the holiday season, we neglected all of them this year so far, focused on family 

Enjoy Mag, being Mag:



AareneX said...

Yay, you're back!

And you'll be here again soon! Let's go riding. If the weather is mucky (seems likely, given the time of year) maybe you want to join us for a Sunday ride in the arena at Fish Creek? We can toss you up on Hana.

AareneX said...

Also: it's good that you have Mag to nibble and play with tools. Without him, you'd need to get goats to do that task, lol.

lytha said...

I'd love to ride Hana. Gotta lose some weight first.

Goats, are there any goat breeds that are silent?: )

AareneX said...

Our Oberhausli goats are very darling and quiet, but not silent. Hana will be fine--remember, Jim used to ride her in 50 mile rides!

JenK said...

Aww Mag is wanting to help clean up! Very cute!!

Tina said...

I have 4 pet Nigerian dwarf goats...they are only quiet when they can't see me LOL! I love them to death though. They keep my mini foal company. He's 6 months old now and loves them.