Thursday, July 29, 2021

Observations of America

At the Walmart today trying in vain again to find a self-covid test, there was a dude with a gun on his hip. Also, he was not a cop.

We're still stuck in a motel in Shelton, waiting for my illness to pass so we can stay with my dad. I shouldn't say stuck - it's a great place to stay. The AC is on 68 all day and it's 90 out.  You should see my yelp review. See, my mom had given us a lot of perishable food, and this motel has a fridge! And to heat or reheat, we have a microwave! Huge TV, huge room, free breakfast, and most importantly, AC that really works. 

 There is a lot of marijuana smoke drifting around this town, so the caption above is wrong.


Today was the first time I woke up without the desperate need for ibuprofen. The pain is still there, but it's so far from agony I am thrilled. I do have an odd gagging/choking cough from the lumps on my larynx. But I can drink water, I don't have to suck ice. (I think I forgot to mention I also have thrush in my mouth, it's nastier than what you find in horses' hooves simply because it's a mouth. Ugh.)

At home we have no TV, just Amazon Video. So it's been a real adjustment to experience commercials. Repetitive, near constant commercials. And they're working. I feel there are probabaly some medications I should get on, despite the list of side-effects (jk). We find it funny that there are now dog medication commercials that also list all the side-effects. And there are underwear for men that separate the testicles, because "ball-ance" is important. The Progressive insurance videos crack me up, keep those coming! There's a Subaru Forrester commercial where Golden Retrievers are driving, obviously targeting dog owners. Now when we see Forresters we say, "Doggie car!" And did you know that Coca Cola is promoting Diet Coke as "Your parents' Coke. Listen to your parents - Drink Diet Coke." 

Question - why does the Samuel Adams beer company make fun of people from Boston, if the beer is made in Boston? 


I'm still waiting for my first Mexican restaurant experience until I'm well. For now I'm making home-made bean and cheese burritos in the motel microwave and they are so amazing. There is nothing like refried pinto beans, even out of the can, I love that taste.

J learned the word granola bar today after asking me "Can I have one of those sticks?" *lol* Sorry J but that was so cute. 


We're invited to my sister's house next week for 4 days as they are going to Camano Island for a camping trip. They also have AC, Gott sei dank.

J's observation is that cars will slow to a stop on the street 500 feet away from us as we wait on the sidewalk to cross, on a street with no crossing options. They're just sooooo nice. It's confusing.

Right now we're watching Big Bang Theory ------in Spanish. Did you know there are shows broadcasting in Spanish, without any English subtitles? It says Q13Fox. *shrug*


TeresaA said...

Seeing people walking around with guns would give me pause. I remember eating in a restaurant in Arizona and there was a sign to ‘check yguns’. I thought t was just playing on the cowboy theme but , nope, it was serious.

Is this your year trip? Did you find a house sitter?

Tina said...

Ick to the thrush. My mom got that from the antibiotics she was taking for her kidney stone. She said it was the worse part. I hope it passes soon.

HHmplace said...

Didn't realize you were from Shelton. Sorry to hear you've been sick, more reading to do. Glad you are enjoying the visit regardless!

lytha said...

Teresa, unfortunately my husband is not allowed to be in America more than 90 days in a row - he has no visa - so we'll be visiting over the next year as often as we can, as long as possible. We have another couple of horsesitters lined up but more would be nice.

Connie, I am actually from West Seattle but my dad moved to Shelton in the 90s so we spend a bit of time on the peninsula.

I feel better today, thankfully! Thta was 6 full days of illness.

AareneX said...

Jim just ordered 2 self-tests online (from that company named for a South American river) and they should arrive in a day, maybe two.