Thursday, June 10, 2021

Horse ppl drama

You remember last week when TP came by and told me regrettably my horse is a bad influence on her Arabian, so she wouldn't be able to ride with me?

5 days later I got a text from her and I'll give it to you word for word cuz I don't want you to think I'm interpreting wrong.

TP: Would you like to come by my place and ride Mag? I think if you came over more often, it would help you. Mag is SOOOOOOOO good. Then we can go riding together because Mag is so good."

OK I'm 100% sure she misses finding my 7Euros in her mail box every time I visited. That's what she gets from outside riders. It sucks cuz a few years ago I could come there and ride for free and she'd set out a table with coffee and cookies and we'd just watch the horses and talk and talk. I so miss those days. 

Sadly for me, TP has 10 boarders now, and her sweet husband left her, so visiting the way we used to is a thing of the past. It's a co-op so each of the 10 boarders come every single day. And then there's the dog, and all the electric wire she installed everywhere to keep the dog in the property. It's not easy to get my horse in through those little wires without letting her dog out. And my breeches getting scratched up when he jumps on me.....and the last time I was there, both me and Mag got shocked by her electric arena fence because her arena uses electric wire (!!??)

OK there's backstory you already know, so on to the present.

The contradiction of being told my horse is too unpredictable for her to want to ride out with me, and then being told he's sooooooooo good.....(with that many O's) I didn't know what to respond.

After a few days I replied, "I'd love to meet up with you at an outdoor cafe and talk over some coffee sometime."

Her response blew me away: "I'm having medical issues and cannot meet you for the next 3 weeks, due to lymph node drainage." 

I was stunned. Hadn't she just asked to go riding with me and my good/bad horse? But now she cannot even meet up to talk?

Do you think she drinks and texts?  Actually that is just my excuse for her fickle behavior, I don't know how to explain the mixed signals. I'll try to get to the bottom of it in 3 weeks when she might be ready for a coffee.

Mag on a rare good day at TP's place, long before it became Grand Central Station. (BTW when you say "Grand Central Station" to Germans, they have no idea what you're talking about *lol*) You can see the arena is fenced in with three strands of electric wire.


TeresaA said...

Wow. She sounds a bit unstable. Which is also my memory from before.

lytha said...

I think maybe you remember her comment to me when I arrived to help her out at a horse show.

Me, "Hi TP, what can I do to help you?"
TP, "Best if you just stay quiet because I'm stressing out."

*sigh* This type of behavior would not be tolerated in America. In Germany, you get numb to it or you have no contact with other humans.